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About Julie

     For thirteen years Julie spent her time in the classroom as a high school speech and debate coach molding and shaping ethical leaders to be world changers. By understanding character development Julie had the privilege of guiding students to become better citizens, activist, thinkers, and problem solvers. Her tenure as head coach proved to be nothing less than prestige. Leading the program to be one of the best in the state. The method to running a program of excellence was simple: build working relationships and focus on effective communication. Take the words of former student James Mayville, “The impact she has goes beyond the classroom and beyond the debate round, her guidance has given me tools for life that have given me an advantage in almost every aspect of my academic, personal, and professional life. Because of Julie Schniers I am better equipped to face challenges set before me, and to be a person of intentionality. She knows how to care for people, when things went south for me she didn’t give up, she recognized my strengths and helped me to move forward, because of her I was re-connected with hope, passion and direction”. As Julie has learned it’s the simple things in life that make the difference in how we engage those around us and make the most of our world. 

"I am a relationship revamper. Let me give you the tools to renovate, repair, and restore who you can be in your business or classroom. It's simple and it works!"

                          - Julie

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